Our Policies

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This document plots Ffilm Cymru's strategy for the future of Welsh film.

We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are essential for powerful storytelling and sustainable creative business.

This belief is backed by a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that companies that embrace EDI are more successful creatively and economically, generating original and innovative content and broadening their audiences and customer bases. We take seriously our central role as an investor, development agency and advocate for Welsh or Wales-based individuals and companies engaged in or aspiring to be in the film sector and to enabling audiences across Wales to access a range of content. We recognise that there are barriers to an equal, diverse and inclusive film industry.

For this reason, we have introduced an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, to guide both our own activities and those in receipt of our funding. The plan demonstrates our commitment to transparency and reflects our belief in the value of sharing data, knowledge and networks.

This document outlines how Ffilm Cymru is and will continue to meet its commitments in relation to the Well-being of Future Generations legislation.

The Act is unique to Wales and invites a distinctive approach for Welsh companies to consider sustainability and public responsibilities in an imaginative and forward-thinking way.

We are excited to offer and share impactful, valuable and progressive practical action that delivers against the Well-being of Future Generations objectives, and look forward to continuing to learn from others as they similarly implement their plans.

This document  sets out information relating to how we use personal information relating to individuals we have dealings with, including industry professionals, funding partners, sponsors, investors, course participants, investment beneficiaries, suppliers, customers and website users.

It also sets out information about what rights individuals have in relation to their personal information and various other matters required under data protection law.

Everyone should expect to be free from harassment, sexual harassment and bullying and be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

This Code provides practical guidance and presents a template that can be adapted to circumstance by companies and individuals seeking to promote a safe and healthy workplace where all workers, irrespective of sex or status, are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. It should be shared widely and prominently with those who engage with your work including employees, partner organisations, service providers, trainees, volunteers, attendees at auditions.